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What are the Advantages Upgrading to Windows 8.1

What are the Advantages Upgrading to Windows 8.1? – Maybe this is a question that often arises in the minds of the users of Windows since Microsoft officially released the OS (Operating System / operating systems) newest Windows 8.1. which officially opened in public on October 18, 2013 last.

Windows 8.1 is actually a revamping of Windows 8, so it’s more like a service pack his update Windows 8. Considering Windows 8 has many bugs and shortcomings “pretty” a lot, which Microsoft has finally released Windows version more perfect. Well, this time I will share some of the advantages of Windows 8.1 was, of course, I will compare with previous versions of windows-windows, especially windows 8. Okay we just see some of the advantages of windows 8.1

1. Fast Booting

There is indeed inevitable, rapid boot process is the dream of all PC users around the world. And as has been previously known that Windows 8 has advantages in terms of boot faster than previous versions of windows. In this version of Windows 8.1, which Microsoft tried to make the boot process becomes much faster than previous versions of Windows, even though Windows 8.

2. Better Performance

One of the advantages of windows 8 is the disappearance of the Aero Themes systems are replaced by the Metro UI. Well, this 8.1 on windows microsoft have perfected the system previously applied Metro UI on Windows 8, as a result the performance of Windows 8.1 lighter and faster, the process also becoming better multitasking so that keeps us from the word “hang” or “not responding”.

3. More Elegant and Fresh Start Menu

In Windows 8 earlier, we have known icon shaped tile size can be changed “larger” or “smaller“, on windows 8.1, we can replace it with 4 kinds of sizes, Large, Wide, Medium, and Small. Not only that, the background start menu can we change the existing background on the desktop. And many other features that make the start menu we become more “alive”.

4. Supercharged Search

Search on Windows 8.1 system has been integrated with Bing search, so if you type something in the start menu, and it can not be found by computer search engines, there will be an option to select a search option from Bing, of course, would be useful if we are in the online state.

5. More Better and Many Apps

At this 8.1 windows system, windows apps default of the OS is equipped with a new application, namely Alarm, Food & Drink, Health & Fitness, Reading List, Scan, Sound recorder, and Help & Tips.

In addition to the application store windows can be automatically updated when we have an internet connection, so we did not bother to open the windows store if we simply update the application. This feature stores and improve its windows by minimizing the possibility of “pending downloading” and eliminates common errors encountered while using Windows 8 earlier.

6. Less Space Storage

Although Windows 8.1 can be said to have a more full featured than Windows 8, but Windows 8.1 did not make this size has swollen.The size of windows 8.1 is even 8-15% smaller than Windows 8. This excess will certainly have an impact on saving storage system in our PC.

7. Welcome back “Start Button”


Maybe some users of Windows 8, Microsoft was disappointed with the decision that seemed to remove the start button is ingrained in some users of this OS.. Given that, the microsoft evaluate and finally realized how about the importance of the start button on the menu. So they bring back the start button, though in the end if pressed will bring up the start menu display. But with this case shows that the windows 8.1 is not aimed at the tablet / PC with touch screen only, but to all types of PCs.

Perhaps there are many other advantages of Windows 8.1 was compared to Windows 8, but I can not mention one by one, clear windows 8.1 can be said to be better than Windows 8.

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